Design Process

Taking a three-phase approach to branding projects is how I ensure the final result is relevant, aligns with your goals, and looks amazing.



The start of every project begins with taking a solid look at the competitive landscape and your target market. This is not to copy what is being done, but to find opportunity gaps and ways to position yourself differently. Part of the process is also aimed directly at the stakeholders. An important part of starting a project is talking to you about what your vision, values, history, and goals are. Through discussion and visual examples I’ll evaluate what kind of impact you're wanting to make, measured against how much creative risk you’re willing to take.



After understanding your market, you, and where you want to go, the learnings will be organized into a ‘discovery document’ that will serve as a launching point for the creative phase. The main takeaway from ‘refinement’ is being able to focus on and connect the most important insights, in order to weave storytelling with strategy. Your company values, goals and target market will be outlined and have a direct effect on the creative phase.



Using the learnings from the first two phases, visual directions in the form of moodboards are created and presented. Depending on the type of project, moodboards can vary in form, but they generally show how photos, artwork, type, and even sound will mesh together to form the public face of a brand. Further discussion and refinement of a chosen concept will take us to a final set of brand elements and guidelines that will carry through to print and digital. 

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Although it looks rigid and analytical, this process is exciting, highly visual, and can flex for different needs. 

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